What is
Core Messaging?

The official definition of core messaging.

Core messaging is the simplest articulation of the fundamental principles that connect how you do what you do with what your audience truly cares about.

This definition is the result of many hours of consideration by the five founders of Core Messaging — using The Red Thread® process developed by co-founder Tamsen Webster.

Tamsen has also described core messaging in depth as she explains why your core message comes first.

And the following graphic — created by co-founder Brian Miller of Clarity Up — helps you break it down.

Core messaging definition. The simplest articulation creates clarity. Fundamental principles are company values. Connect means alignment. How you do what you do is your differentiator. What your customers truly care about ensures a customer perspective.

For even more clarity, see the FAQ.

Examples of core messaging

Sometimes the simplest way to articulate your principles is with a story.

A man with almost no experience decides to open an international primary school. Why should parents trust him? Here’s how to create credibility and connection.

A core message turns the tables. And it turns up again and again.

Some said it was a bank just for rich people. Not true! But how do you change a misperception? Nail your positioning — and make it omnipresent.

A core message is essential for inspiring action.

Why was “How to use a paper towel” so impactful? This analysis reveals the answer with sparkling clarity. Learn how to turn a dry idea into one worth spreading.

Your core message is a turnbuckle.

Framed right, core messaging brings companies and their customers closer together. Like one of the simplest, most elegant, and effective little tools around.

A pitch must connect with what your audience actively cares about.

Relevance and reasoning are the keys to priming your audience. Learn how alignment leads to action — with the help of Alan, the future of casual entertainment.

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