Core Messaging:
Frequently Asked Questions

Core messaging is the disciplined pursuit of a core message.

A core message is a statement that connects your fundamental principles with what your audience truly cares about. It is clear and concise.

You do… if you’re responsible for driving action on a product, service, or idea.

Marketing tends to look at messaging only from the customer’s perspective. A core message starts with you — your identity, beliefs, unique value — and uncovers a deeper connection.

Words. Words that will inform anything you’re developing. An elevator pitch. A digital marketing campaign. An appeal for investors. A TED Talk.

Practitioners use various methods. As long as you arrive at a core message, you can choose various ways to get there.

It’s certainly possible. But many don’t drill down deep enough to reach the underlying (core) problem. It can be a challenging step that’s easy to skip.

It’s certainly possible. But the view from the inside usually isn’t objective. Your core message is something you’re so close to, you probably don’t even see it.

The founders can. And we hope to recommend others in the near future.

Haha. Sure, go ahead and try it. Call us after!

Stay tuned. We intend to teach and help people as much as we can. This might be through books, events, and certainly consulting. Reach out to the founders. Sign up for email.

Core messaging comes before branding. It’s the foundation of your identity. It ensures that all branding and marketing align with your principles and resonate with your audience.

Core messaging comes before storytelling. It defines the ideals that your stories should represent. It helps you choose examples and anecdotes that best resonate with audiences.

Core messaging comes before a positioning statement or value proposition. It identifies your deep, differentiating value, which can then be externally expressed.

Core messaging comes before company strategy. It establishes a clear understanding of your deep-seated principles, which can then be expressed through vision, mission, and standards.

Michel Neray saw an underserved need: deep messaging that identifies the essence of one’s unique value. To define this category and evangelize it, he recruited the rest of the founders.

To help companies, individuals, and messaging practitioners create more effective communications. Core messaging is a category, not a trademark. We welcome all.

Carry the flag. Preach the gospel. Use #coremessaging and #dothisfirst. Contact us.