Core Messaging:
Do this first.

Find the meaning that moves people.

We all need buy-in. For our products. Our services. Our ideas. And we all know that having the right message is essential. Problem is, we’re so focused on the message that we underestimate what it means to people.

If your message isn’t meaningful, it won’t motivate anyone.

How do
you find a
meaningful message?

Look within.

The strongest connections are based on shared beliefs — the convictions that exist at your core. The beliefs that are essential for your audience, too.

Core messaging connects the how, why, and what you do with the things your audience truly cares about.

You have core values, a core purpose, core competencies. A core message aligns them all.

Make it primary. Make it pervasive. And you can make a difference.

“How do you communicate your unique value in the most compelling way? Core messaging. It’s how you align with customers, strategy partners, investors, and stakeholders.”

“When does branding go wrong? When the brand and ‘who you are’ are different. Your core message is inseparable from who you are.”

“Your core message is your filter. Before you say anything on behalf of your brand, ask, ‘Does this immediately and obviously support my core message?’ That’s clarity.”

“You’re deciding on things that are not connected. They’re floating out there. They need to be connected to a core. It’s how every decision gets made.”

“Core messaging is how you become deeply different.”

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Core messaging is the disciplined pursuit of a core message.

A core message is a statement that connects your fundamental principles with what your audience truly cares about. It is clear and concise.

You do… if you’re responsible for driving action on a product, service, or idea.